Device Opt-Out Guide

Device Opt-Out Guide

Telaria may use mobile operating system Advertising IDs, such as Apple’s Identifier for Advertising ID (“IDFA”), Google’s Android Advertising ID (“AAID”), or other similar device identifiers on other Internet connected devices to deliver advertisements. Users may be able to opt out of the collection of data for advertising purposes from certain devices through the most recent applicable settings of their device. These opportunities are subject to the operating system’s settings and subject to their privacy policies and system updates. Please note that after you exercise choice, you will still receive advertising but it may be less relevant to you.  Also, data may continue to be collected for purposes other than advertising including analytics, frequency capping, and other operational purposes.  If you use other devices or browsers, or clear your cookies, you may need to make your choices again.


For your convenience, the following instructions may apply to your mobile or other Internet connected devices, though please note that the setting features may vary from device to device.


Google Android

Devices with Google Play services 4.0 and above use the Google Android Advertising ID (“AAID”). To learn more about limiting ad tracking using this identifier:


  1. Open the Google Settings app on your device
  2. Select Ads
  3. Select Opt out of interest-based ads


Apple iOS

Devices with iOS 6 and above use the Apple Advertising Identifier (“IDFA”). To learn more about limiting ad tracking using this identifier:


  1. Open Settings app on your device
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select Advertising
  4. Select Limit Ad Tracking


Internet Connected Devices

You may also be able to opt-out of the collection of information for advertising purposes from your Internet connected device (e.g., a Smart TV or set-top box).  To determine if your Internet connected device has these options, you can visit your device’s settings menu.