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The most trusted source for premium video inventory.

Our best-in-class technology, our commitment to quality and safety, and our track record of innovation make Telaria the essential platform to access premium video inventory.

Demand Dashboard

/ Live stats / Bidder diagnostics / Log into the Telaria SSP to access critical  campaign data

Premium Inventory + PMPs

/ Brand safe, quality inventory wherever audiences are watching / Clean supply path / Inventory curation / Custom deal library for total control / Easy discoverability / Tools for seamless PMP setup

Unique Toolset

/ Simple UX to troubleshoot bidder issues / Track use rate down to creative level / Creative review, including creative loudness / Deal diagnostics tool for quick turnaround on troubleshooting PMPs

With Our Software

We help you see opportunities before you know they‘re opportunities.

Live reporting and self-service diagnostics visualize crucial information in sub seconds, allowing you to resolve common problems immediately and maximize the value of your campaigns.

Our Partners

Telaria‘s platform offers access to the most distinguished premium video publishers.

Telaria is integrated with all major video demand partners. Our unique toolset, including a Demand Dashboard, offers the ability to buy in the most streamlined way, backed by a dedicated support team.

Addressable Connect for Marketers

The most comprehensive suite of addressable products built for CTV, mobile, and desktop OTT.

Telaria Audience Connect makes it easy for brand advertisers to align with the scale and quality of Telaria’s premium publishers based on the key ways buyers want to connect with viewers. Audience Connect products are available to advertisers via custom-built Private Marketplace Packages (PMPs).

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