All Eyes on the Ballot Box – and CTV


June 8, 2020

Political advertisers are using multi-faceted CTV buying strategies to reach voters

By: Dan Fairclough, Senior Director of Demand Sales at Telaria

As millions of Americans stay home in the months leading up to a critical election season, political advertisers have had to adjust their strategies to get in front of voters. Time spent indoors compounded with cord-cutting has led to a significant increase in CTV watching – from March to April, time spent watching ad-supported VOD increased 35% according to Nielsen. 

To ensure they are reaching Americans across the spectrum, from those who are highly likely to vote to undecided voters, political advertisers are using various CTV buying strategies. These CTV deal types can all be executed via the Telaria platform, enabling advertisers to streamline their campaigns and insights to reach targeted voters with up-to-date political messaging in real-time. 

Custom Curated Packages – With custom packages political advertisers can layer in first-party data and data via LiveRamp to reach specific audiences by age, engagement habits, and geographic location. With these packages, political advertisers can target certain states and swing-vote communities instead of merely focusing on city-based designated market areas (DMAs). These packages also offer enhanced customization and measurement of campaign engagement, which can then be used for retargeting. 

Publisher Direct Deals – These deals give advertisers the ability to select preferred publishers that serve desired audiences. Be it the more business-focused readers of The Wall Street Journal, or the younger-leaning visitors of Vox News, political advertisers can run their campaigns in publications that are most likely to reach their voter demographic. Targeting specific audience segments where they live online can have tangible results: Telaria research shows that 80% of young voters took two or more actions to conduct further research after seeing a digital video political ad. By targeting the premium publications and platforms where voters get their information, Publisher Direct Deals can also help advertisers reach audiences already primed for political news.

Always-On Deals – Always-on deals are particularly easy to activate which is crucial for political buyers as budgets are often spent under tight deadlines and messaging is time-sensitive. With these deals, publishers have already approved the political ad creative, so the process of launching a campaign is more streamlined and efficient. Advances in CTV technology such as competitive separation and frequency capping ensure that while an advertiser’s message is consistently seen, political ads are not run next to an opponent’s or aired on repeat. 

Overall, these Telaria-supported deals help political advertisers reach targeted audiences in a premium, brand-safe environment in a way that’s measurable and high quality. CTV ads offer a nearly identical viewer experience to linear TV: they are non-skippable ads that play on a big screen alongside broadcast-quality TV content. What’s more, they offer buyers robust data, accountability, and more control. CTV also offers the flexibility to execute advertising campaigns across the marketing funnel, making it an effective channel to reach undecided and persuadable voters during varying political campaign stages.

During an election, being able to target specific audiences at the right time in a measurable way is more important than ever. These CTV buying strategies offer political advertisers a transparent, responsible, and effective way to engage with voters.

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