Telaria’s Commitment to Safety


January 30, 2020

Earlier this week, Pixalate uncovered a CTV fraud scheme which they’ve named “DiCaprio”. Telaria was not affected by DiCaprio at all, as confirmed by Pixalate, and has no direct relationship with any of the companies that were implicated in this scheme. We work directly with premium video publishers, as opposed to accessing supply through resellers.

Telaria is committed to fostering a brand-safe, transparent programmatic ecosystem for publishers, buyers and brands. Our dedicated quality assurance team pre-approves all platform partners and supply through a process that evaluates against comprehensive guidelines. In addition to our partnership with Pixalate, we work with White Ops to prevent invalid and fraudulent traffic from entering the bid process for any DSPs transacting on our platform. You can read more about our Fraud Fighter program, an ongoing platform-wide initiative that ensures all video inventory transacted on Telaria’s platform meets or exceeds industry brand-safety standards, here.

If you have any questions about DiCaprio, or the measures we take to prevent fraud, please reach out to

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