Taking Stock of BVOD’s Progress and Opportunities at Telaria’s Australia Buyer Summit


November 25, 2019

By: Bonny Liu, Demand Executive at Telaria

Telaria recently hosted its Australia BVOD Buyer Summit in Centennial Park, Sydney, with an impressive turnout of over 120 guests from various agencies, trading desks and advertisers. The buyer summit brought together all demand partners to reflect on the growth of internet delivered TV both globally and locally and to equip planners with the confidence in moving into their 2020 strategies.

The session was opened by Telaria’s local Head of Demand, Adrian Isoldi, who delved into the ways we experience video every day before handing over to Telaria’s CEO Mark Zagorski to share global OTT insights that will reverberate through the industry including:

  •       “Some households will not be reachable by linear or PayTV in the next 2 years” – The impact of cord-cutting in the US will be especially important for the upcoming 2020 election campaign where over $1.6 billion USD will be expected to pour in for video advertising.
  •       The move into OTT is inevitable universally – countries such as Brazil, which have traditionally been dominated by linear broadcasts, are also shifting.
  •       Hybrid models such as Hulu with both AVOD and SVOD options have experienced tremendous success with over 70% of users choosing AVOD over SVOD – a huge opportunity for advertisers and marketers.
  •       OTT ads are proven to work better by being able to target showcase more relevant ads and is a trusted channel over social video.

This overwhelming global video growth was further affirmed by trends we’ve seen in the local BVOD market, which Telaria’s SVP of APAC Juliette Stead illustrated with strong numbers of growth from the past year:

  •       Over Q1-Q3 2019 there was a 56% YoY increase in live streams and 37% increase in BVOD streams (OzTAM VPM data).
  •       Growth in SVOD services have benefited the whole ecosystem, as audiences are now well-accustomed to watching TV shows on a connected device.
  •       BVOD is an essential part of the media mix when aiming for high reach and engagement. According to a study from the UK, BVOD, when combined with linear TV (20% BVOD: 80% linear) achieved reach in 2018 that was as good as – if not better than – the reach achieved back in 2008 by a 100% linear TV campaign.
  •       When paired with a linear TV campaign, BVOD watched on a mobile has 2 times the sales impact (STAS – short term ad strength) than TV + Facebook mobile and 2.4 times the impact of TV + Youtube mobile, even though mobile is considered to be the device that best plays to the strengths of social video platforms.
  •       Whilst BVOD video peaks throughout the evening, Editorial Video (professionally produced, snackable content hosted on a publishers owned an operated platform) provides buyers consistent and effective reach throughout the day in brand safe and premium environments.

Telaria invited guest speakers from  broadcaster partners Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media, Network 10, SBS and Foxtel Media who came together to address current hot topics:

  •       Transparency by Luke Smith (Seven West Media)
  •       Content by Nev Hasan (Foxtel Media)
  •       Addressability by Jordan King (Nine Entertainment)
  •       Brand Safety by Sophie Hicks Lloyd (Network 10)
  •       Measurability by Brett Islaub (SBS)

Finally, the event was capped off by a panel hosted by Australian GM James Young, joined by Stephanie Famolaro from The Trade Desk, Sophie Hicks Lloyd from Network 10, Ben Campbell from Nine Entertainment and Joe Kinchin from Dentsu. The combination of broadcasters, agency and tech provided unique perspectives into CTV user behaviours, addressable TV, video strategy and insights into the future for each group.

With video ad spend already reaching $1.6 billion in Australia, demand has only just begun to chase consumer viewing trends, moving into a more connected world. With addressability now available across all devices and the upcoming release of VOZ by OzTAM in 2020, buyers will be better equipped than ever to reach their audiences through programmatic avenues.

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