What You Need To Know From Telaria’s “The CTV-First Generation’s Impact in the 2020 Elections” Event


September 27, 2019

Super Tuesday came early this week to The Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. where Telaria addressed political agency buyers and marketers on how to leverage connected TV (CTV) to reach 2020 voters.

Let’s break down the biggest highlights from the event that buyers should know when considering their 2020 campaign advertising strategy.

Telaria’s CMO Jen Catto kicked off the event by presenting findings from Telaria and Sling’s proprietary research study “The CTV-First Generation’s Impact in the 2020 Elections”. The research shows that young voters will be critical in the upcoming election and CTV will be an important channel to reach them.

  • Nearly half of voters between the ages of 18-29 rely on streamed live TV events for political information.
  • 80% took two or more actions after seeing a digital video political ad.
  • 63% of young voters don’t trust social media political advertising.

The research portion then segued into an insightful discussion moderated by political consultant Jenna Golden from Golden Strategies with a diverse group of speakers from Telaria, Sling, DataXu, and Politico. All agreed that there is a huge shift in consumer behavior as people have and continue to cut the cord, which in turn leads to a shift in advertising budgets towards CTV. And as the majority of hands in the audience went up when asked “Who does not have a cable subscription?,” it was clear that linear’s scale is clearly in decline.

Here were the top takeaways from the discussion that political advertisers should remember:

  • Whether you are a linear TV buyer or a digital video buyer, you need to be a CTV-buying expert as consumers spend more and more of their viewing time on this platform. Know the acronyms and understand the different content formats – CTV vs OTT is the big screen vs the content and Live vs VOD have different viewer experiences to consider.
  • CTV offers the flexibility to execute advertising campaigns across the funnel, which makes it an effective channel to reach undecided and persuadable voters throughout the different political campaign stages.
  • Addressable CTV is vital to political advertisers as it allows them to target the right audience with the right message in the right context and is starting to see scale. Work with your programmatic partners to take advantage of audience data.

CTV combines the premium experience of TV with the rich data capabilities available on digital. Therefore, CTV is an efficient way to connect your message to a specific demographic, focus on swing states, align with affiliations — and do all of this through one transaction, without having to pull together a complicated media plan through dozens of local affiliates. If leveraged effectively, political advertisers have the ability to optimize audience, contextual and behavioral criteria to execute more successful campaigns.

Contact us at events@telaria.com if you would like more information about our future CTV and political events.

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