Driving Efficiency Through Proactive Communication Tools


July 8, 2019

In any relationship, good communication is the key to efficiency. As part of Telaria’s robust Video Management Platform, we have launched Creative Status Communication, a feature focused on optimizing communication between DSPs and publishers to maximize opportunity.

Because the programmatic ecosystem is so convoluted, ad requests can go through multiple layers only to get rejected in the final stages before serving, with little or no insight as to why. This creates significant waste in requests and missed opportunities that are frustrating and inefficient to buyers. 

Creative Status Communication solves for bid waste by providing proactive publisher communication to DSPs about which creative IDs are being rejected and why so they can fix or remove those creative requests. 

How Creative Status Communication Works

  • Publishers can now maintain, via API, a table of creative IDs and their approval status per DSP to review.
  • DSPs can see the status of their creative IDs and get information on how to fix a creative ID that has been rejected.

How This Benefits You

  • Proactive communication and actionable reporting
  • Minimize waste and lost opportunities for DSPs
  • Maximize revenue opportunities for publishers

This level of transparency and communication will make it easier for DSPs to transact on our platform, improving efficiency and driving revenue for publishers. Creative Status Communication is one of the ways Telaria aims to reduce friction in the ecosystem, bring more value to partners, and build the best CTV experience for viewers.

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