Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse

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May 3, 2019

Since television has gone digital, advertisers can now take advantage of the benefits of digital in a premium video environment, like precision targeting and robust reporting and analytics. With clients including Travelocity, ABC,, SteelHouse helps brands and agencies build and launch retargeting and prospecting campaigns on display, mobile, native, social, and now connected TV. We sat down with Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse, to learn about how the addition of self-serve connected TV advertising is changing the way brands advertise during  premium long-form video.

What excites you about connected TV advertising?

Connected TV is the biggest thing happening in advertising and it represents a huge opportunity for brands. I’m extremely excited to be a part of helping brands leverage this new channel, especially those where television has been out of reach. We wanted to help bring TV ad buying into the modern era, to make getting ads on television easy, streamlined in a single UI that also handles bids, ad placements, and audience targeting.

Tell us a bit more about how advertisers use the SteelHouse platform.

We designed our platform to strike a balance between control and automation which can be leveraged differently depending on a brands’ needs. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite lets brands target, create, and launch their campaigns while giving them greater flexibility to manage their advertising. It allows marketers to define the goal they want to hit with their budget, which is made possible through our technology that automates the media buying process. By integrating an Ad Builder, we provide additional control over ad creative which means marketers can very quickly move through creative cycles to get their campaigns launched. And lastly, we recently added a Report Builder to our platform so marketers can create their own fully customizable visual dashboards, allowing them to see the growth of their business in their own terms.

How does working with SteelHouse make advertising more efficient for your clients?

Brands are always looking to consolidating the number of platforms they use, since doing so creates obvious inefficiencies. When more marketing tools can be found in the same place, there is a level of visibility into how they impact each other and how they compare that is unmatched with other solutions. Additionally our technology has the unique ability to automate multiple functions including how media is bought, how campaigns are optimized, and how creative is resized.

With so much change happening in this space, what predictions do you have for the near future?

The advertising landscape has evolved so much that CTV now has become just as accessible as social or display retargeting, even for advertisers with more modest budgets. I believe the time is coming where CTV advertising will be as much of a staple in every brand’s marketing mix as display advertising. Advertisers will soon use connected TV for retargeting and prospecting alongside branding. With attribution for CTV being as transparent and available as social and display channels, there is no reason they won’t. With the incredible performance that CTV ads provide advertisers, their cost to acquire customers using CTV is worth the revenue gains and the brand reach.

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