The Connected TV Telascape

CTV for Buyers 101

March 1, 2019

TV-digital convergence is here, so be sure you can navigate the new ecosystem

Even with all the excitement around connected TV, it remains a complex ecosystem for both advertisers and publishers. In discussions with more than a thousand partners through our CTVU program, we discovered that confusion around OTT and connected TV persists.

Adding to the complexity are the growing number of new content entrants who seek to compete with traditional linear stalwarts and transform their businesses into OTT powerhouses. Throw in the fact that consumers can access CTV via the TV itself (a smart TV), an OTT device (Roku or Apple TV) or even a gaming console (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.) and the choices for ad buyers and sellers of CTV can be bewildering.

To make this world easier to understand, we developed the Telascape, which provides a roadmap through the CTV ecosystem by categorizing companies according to where they sit on the CTV landscape. It’s guaranteed that this map will change as the ecosystem evolves and expands. Ever more publishers, advertisers, and consumers are making the jump to CTV. This convergence of TV and digital is an exciting and scalable opportunity, and we can’t wait to report back on further gains.

Download the full Connected TV Telascape here.

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