Telaria Offers The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Solution


February 11, 2019

Telaria (NYSE:TLRA), the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, will offer The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution to its demand partners as part of an effort to increase efficiencies across the ecosystem by reducing  the number of cookie syncs necessary.

Aiming to create a common currency, The Trade Desk’s free unified ID solution offers a shared and consolidated ID across the entire supply chain (SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and data providers), enabling increased match rates and more relevant advertising. This will help brands and advertisers better understand their audiences and scale their campaign strategies across the digital ecosystem.

Katie Evans, COO, Telaria said, “The Trade Desk’s unified ID helps address an important need in the industry, the standardization of cookie IDs which helps minimize some of the complexity in the digital advertising ecosystem. We are excited to partner with The Trade Desk and in the process create a more addressable and scalable video ecosystem which enables buyers and sellers to transact in an increasingly friction free environment.”

“We are thrilled that Telaria has implemented the unified ID solution on their platform,” said Brian Stempeck, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “We believe aligning around common industry standards can have a huge impact on improving match rates and making audience buying more effective.”

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