Cheddar Taps Telaria As SSP Partner to Scale CTV Advertising Programmatically


January 30, 2019

Partnership brings unique, live CTV inventory to programmatic buyers for the first time

Telaria (NYSE: TLRA), the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, today announced that Cheddar, the leading post-cable networks company, has selected Telaria as a supply-side partner to boost monetization of its inventory, including connected TV (CTV). The partnership comes as Cheddar significantly expands its presence across video streaming platforms, smart TVs, and devices through partnerships with AT&T and Samsung, among others.

Cheddar has two news networks, Cheddar Business and Cheddar News, across the OTT and MVPD landscape. Having launched on every major vMVPD, and with a rapidly growing viewership across video screens and hardware, and the subsequent need to scale its advertising, Cheddar’s partnership with Telaria will enable it to reach a broad range of marketers and advertisers looking to access it’s young, affluent, and engaged audience. Telaria’s built-for-CTV Video Management Platform will empower Cheddar to make revenue-generating decisions with live reporting and real-time diagnostics, all while delivering a high-quality, seamless advertising experience.

“Telaria is working closely with us as we embark on monetizing our OTT scale. We are utilizing Telaria’s best in class technology and platform with real-time monitoring and reporting to fuel our programmatic advertising,” said Peyton Marcus, SVP of Operations at Cheddar. “We look forward to offering our live video inventory to programmatic buyers for the first time.”

“Cheddar is a true CTV and OTT innovator both from a content and business model perspective, and we’re thrilled that they’ve chosen Telaria as the first partner to unlock the rapidly growing programmatic marketplace for their premium inventory,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO at Telaria. “Innovative partners think alike. Cheddar is redefining what it means to watch television, and Telaria is redefining the buying and selling of television.”

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