Telaria Ends National Conundrum by Declaring Last Week of the Year A Holiday: Most-streamed time of year to be designated ‘Lazy-Faire Week’*


December 6, 2018

Telaria Inc. (NYSE: TLRA), the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, has succeeded where others have failed. For years, attempts have been made to recognize the specialness of the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Companies struggle with what to say to their employees. Today, Telaria declares this time as “Lazy-Faire Week–” the biggest week of the year to freely binge-watch the most popular shows on connected TV (CTV). This idea celebrates all that is good in the world: elastic waistbands, non-stop CTV bingeing, and guilt-free snacking.

Lazy-Faire Week is the confluence of three major factors:

  • Almost $20 billion was spent on streaming content development in 2018
  • 81% of American workers will not go to the office during this period
  • One in three adults wants to avoid talking politics with family

Telaria predicts CTV will outpace linear television for the first time ever during this week. In 2017, Telaria’s platform recorded a 45% increase in streaming video requests during this time – as compared to Nielsen data for the same period that shows a 37% decline in linear ratings for the top 50 broadcasters.

“Summer vacation typically involves outdoor activities, but no other relaxed period of the year gives you a hall pass to embrace staying inside to catch up on TV while indulging on an adult beverage and eating Oreos at 2PM on a Tuesday. I watch what I want, when I want, as much as I want,” said Madeline Littlefield of Telaria.

For programmatic buyers who are “working from home” this year, Telaria has created a Lazy-Faire Week CTV PMP package to help advertisers reach engaged viewing audiences during this peak period.

Let’s be honest, the most wonderful time of the year is that sweet spot when visiting family has gone home, and we can relax after the craziness of the holidays, lie on the couch in our PJs, and not have to do anything that requires effort. All year long, my colleagues talk about their favorite streaming shows, and this is the only week I can freely catch up on streaming from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, without that nagging, unproductive feeling,” said Tripp Sommese of Telaria.   

* Submitted for the National Day Calendar; awaiting approval.  

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