Inside the Minds of Cord-Cutters & Cable-Keepers


October 16, 2018

Connected TV is in roughly 70 percent of all US households – double what it was 5 years ago. Yet, we are just in the early stages of the next disruption in viewing.


Despite the high household penetration of connected TV, many people are still reluctant to “cut the cord,” typically citing the desire to watch live sports, events, or news as the primary reason for maintaining a linear TV connection. Little research currently exists that addresses consumer decisioning behind viewing preferences, motivations for change, and awareness of all the various types of digital delivery options.


Telaria and Adobe Advertising Cloud wanted to explore the experiences, behaviors, and television usage among a spectrum of connected TV consumer segments in order to better understand:

  1. The reasons people move or don’t move down the path of cord cutting.
  2. The impact that viewing live events, such as sports, has on the adoption and use of linear OTT and connected TV.
  3. The level of consumer satisfaction associated with different methods of content consumption (i.e. cable vs. live streaming).


Explore the full white paper here to see how cost, comfort and live streaming drive cord cutting.

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