CTV2020: View from EMEA


October 22, 2018

By: Jigisha Patel, Director of Operations

Earlier this year we launched CTV2020, our global event series where our industry partners discuss the state of affairs in the connected TV, digital video and advertising worlds, as well as what is still to come. For the EMEA leg of CTV2020, our UK team hosted 30 of our closest publishers and demand partners in Ibiza, Spain.

Following a welcome dinner under the stars on the first night, the next morning we kicked off the first full day of the event with a supply-side panel. Unsurprisingly, considering the EU audience, GDPR was the first topic for discussion. The buyers in the audience confirmed that because a majority of campaigns run with targeting, it is all the more important for publishers to be GDPR compliant as soon as possible in order for them to receive spend. It was also interesting to hear from publishers who have noticed that discrepancies with ad verification companies have shrunk over time as they are seeing alignment with what the buy-side report on.

This publisher and buy-side discussion segued nicely into a demand-side panel that touched upon the scarcity of premium video publishers even with the high demand for video inventory. Buyers stressed the difficulty in finding publishers with quality content so that they can ensure the integrity of the environment for the advertising brand. To that point, publishers pointed to what they perceive as an over-reliance on technology from the buy-side as buyers layer data on data thereby narrowing their scaling opportunities. The healthy back-and-forth conversation presented points of view from both sides and helped illuminate each groups’ concerns. It was a good start to reach a common understanding.

A point of agreement from both sides is that confusion still abounds as to what connected TV is in the European market. All agreed that the industry needs further education on the unique parameters of this market. With connected TV set to grow significantly in Europe over the next few years, particularly in the UK, both buyers and publishers are intent on transacting within a more uniform ecosystem like the ones already established in the US and Australia. The fact that buyers are keen to spend more on connected TV due to its premium nature and the increasing precision of  targeting is a good sign for innovation in this advertising format.

Getting to the more technical elements of our industry, Telaria’s Vice President of Product Craig Berlingo was on hand to share more details about our Video Management Platform and how it was designed to be entirely video-centric. Much interest was sparked around the introduction of Telaria’s ad server and the capabilities that allow publishers to manage all their digital video inventory whether it’s on desktop, mobile or connected TV under one hood, as many traditional ad servers have not been developed in the same way.

After a long day of spirited discussions, the group enjoyed time by the pool followed by dinner, cocktails and entertainment at STK where we turned the restaurant into our own dance floor. There was no better way to end the trip than spending the next day at Nikki Beach overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It was truly an unforgettable and invaluable event where we heard first hand from publishers and buyers about their connected TV and digital video hopes and hurdles, as well as many of the other issues weighing on their minds. We’re super thankful for everyone who joined us for this edition of CTV2020 and look forward to our upcoming event in Australia!


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