I Want My CTV: Four CTV Publishers and a DSP Walk Into A Theater


September 26, 2018

By: Nicole Scaglione, Senior Director of Agency and Brand Relations at Telaria

When we took our Connected TV University (CTVU) program on the road last year, we shared our advanced TV insights with hundreds of advertisers and media buyers as they prepare for the future of TV viewing. During these educational sessions, advertisers learned about the rapid shift to OTT TV viewing and how to buy connected TV inventory programmatically. Naturally, our buyer partners were intrigued and we were asked over and over to come back and share more about the premium publishers leading the way.

Last week in Los Angeles, we did just that, bringing our agency, brand and DSP partners together for our seminal showcase of some of the industry’s most exciting connected TV players. Who better to delve into the great connected TV content available on our platform than the publishers themselves? We invited four connected TV players to bust the myth that there is not enough scale in premium connected TV and it was truly one of those moments you had to be there for.

If you weren’t able to join us or you just want to relive that morning, here’s a brief recap:

Future Today: The Biggest Platform in CTV You’ve Never Heard Of

Founded in 2006, Future Today is a pioneer in connected TV. Vikrant Mathur, co-founder of Future Today, recognized early on that the depth of consumer experiences in connected TV dwarfed desktop and mobile. The company built their technology to cater to where their audiences wanted to watch video content across a balanced mix of key demographics. With its focus on premium lifestyle and kid-friendly content, Future Today’s apps have the high family co-viewership that broadcast programs enjoy. Future Today now manages three of the top 25 ad-supported channels on Roku and altogether has over 1000 channels that reaches over 20 million viewers worldwide.

Popcornflix: The Great Movies You Know. Free.

With so many options at their fingertips, consumers tend to gravitate to titles and talent they already know will make them laugh, cry and feel inspired. David Fannon, President of Popcornflix’s parent company Screen Media, touted the more than 1000 free movies and shows available to viewers through the platform. With relationships with all the major movie studios, Popcornflix has something for everyone whether it’s a heart-racing action film or an old school classic.

XUMO: OTT, Video-On-Demand and Live TV Made Easy

Telaria knows from its proprietary research that many consumers find OTT options confusing. XUMO is one of the companies bridging the gap for those looking to cut the cord but who don’t know where to start. CEO Colin Petrie-Norris explained how XUMO combines the experience of linear TV with OTT to create a viewing experience that puts content and the viewer first. The model is proving effective: one in five smart TV users get all of their “linear” channels from XUMO. Over 16 million households use XUMO to stream live TV segments from MSNBC to the PGA Tour in addition to premium channels like Tastemade and Bloomberg. Through strategic partnerships with smart TV manufacturers including LG Electronics, Hisense, VIZIO and Panasonic, XUMO developed one-click access for consumers to stream 100 channels completely free.

Young Hollywood: MTV For the Digital Age

When it comes to celebrity and entertainment content, exclusivity is the name of the game. R.J. Williams, the founder and CEO of Young Hollywood, shared how his company became the leading producer of digital content for millennial and Gen Z audiences. By finding and covering talented artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber early on in their careers, Young Hollywood has made a name for itself as a one-of-a-kind source for original content, without the invasive, gossip-laden lens of its category peers. Young Hollywood produces celebrity interviews and original series from its owned and operated in-house production studio as well. Young Hollywood reaches over 165 million homes through Roku, Amazon TV, Xbox and is the only celebrity and lifestyle channel on Apple TV.

We concluded the event with an insightful discussion with The Trade Desk’s GM of Business Development for the Southwest Region Lorenzo Moreno. The conversation focused around having the right KPIs when evaluating the effectiveness of video advertising. Though it might be tempting to measure campaign success based on rate-based metrics such as video completion rate (VCR), Lorenzo stressed the importance of audience reach and frequency. With connected TV, buyers can more accurately measure how much it costs to reach each unique household and tie this back to actual conversions. By layering in data, advertisers can more effectively target in-market consumers and in some cases have lower cost per site actions (CPAs) in connected TV compared to desktop advertising.

We had a blast hosting our partners on both sides of the digital video advertising ecosystem and we can’t wait to do it again! Stay tuned and you might see us in a city near you! Until then, take a deeper dive into these connected TV publishers and more in our Partner Directory and check out the deals you can activate on in our Deals Portal.

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