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July 27, 2018

One-size-fits-all 500+ channel TV bundles are a thing of the past, and since its inception in 2015, Sling TV has been revolutionizing the way millions of households watch TV. Recognizing that viewers want more than just Friends reruns, Sling TV is the #1 Live TV Streaming Service that offers live sports, news and programs from channels people know and love. As consumers expect more flexible (and cost effective) ways to watch TV, it’s no wonder Sling TV has been so successful. We spoke with Chris Flatley, who works on direct and programmatic Sling TV sales on the DISH Media Sales team, to hear about how the company approaches OTT video advertising.

What has been the most exciting development in OTT over the last year?

From a consumer perspective, it’s the acceleration in adoption of OTT as their preferred viewing platform for live television. In the past year, we’ve seen significant growth in popular entertainment and sporting events streamed via connected devices. From an advertising perspective, this has opened up scalable opportunities to reach these highly-engaged viewers programmatically. Brands are purchasing live sports, like the World Cup, in real-time. Second-by-second transactions within live TV inventory is something the marketplace has embraced.

Sling TV has led the way in terms of bringing programmatic and addressable advertising to OTT. What has the response been from your advertising partners?

The response has been huge. The ability to reach target audiences watching live television through their preferred DSPs has simplified TV buying for advertisers. We are seeing our partners adopt this as a standard budget line in their media strategy as the unduplicated OTT audience grows and more advertisers look for brand-safe, premium inventory.

Since day one our goal has been to build a platform to service any advertiser in any manner they want to buy. With that in mind, our team here at Sling TV works with our technology partners to create a frictionless environment for advertisers to buy with ease and buy with scale.

What are the top three considerations that you look for when choosing an ad tech partner?

It’s first important to look for best-in-class technology – innovation, responsiveness, and operational excellence – while also being able to provide full transparency on the backend. But most importantly, we are looking for a strong commitment to the growing connected TV space. We want to work with partners who are consistently innovating and adapting to the constantly evolving OTT space to stay ahead of the curve.

How do you measure the success of your ad tech partners?

Performance, accountability, and best-in-class technology. We love working with partners that provide proactive solutions and insights, along with the ability to pivot and optimize. With Telaria’s real-time platform, we’re able to identify any issues immediately and adjust efficiently. It’s a huge bonus for Sling TV when we have a great partner with responsive, powerful technology.

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