Cable Keepers, Cord Cutters & Live TV


June 29, 2018

How Cable Keepers and Cord Cutters Are Changing the Way We Watch Live TV

Americans want to watch what they want, exactly when they want, so it’s no surprise that streaming options like connected TV are increasingly popular. Connected TV adoption has doubled over the last five years and is now in roughly 70% of all households. That being said, there are still many Americans holding onto cable and we wanted to understand why “Cable Keepers” are sticking with that delivery mechanism.

A few key findings include:

  • 30% of Cable Keepers say they would cut the cord if they could live stream sports, events and news
  • However, 76% of Cable Keepers also subscribe to at least one other streaming service – some of which already offer live TV content
  • 89% of Cable Keepers who also stream TV are streaming the same amount or more than they did two years ago

Check out the full infographic here for additional takeaways!

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