Architecting An Ad Server for The Future of TV


May 15, 2018

By: Courtney Rogers, Product Manager at Telaria

Considering the wide array of ad servers available for publishers to choose from, we were a little surprised to see there were none built with CTV and television advertising in mind while also having a strong feature set to manage programmatic trading. So we built our own. Our video-optimized platform that publishers have come to know and use to manage and monetize their inventory inspired our vision of an equally smart and transparent ad server. With our ad server, publishers can now retain the insights and control they need across the ad management and serving process from beginning to end across all types of demand sources.

The newly introduced ad serving functionality within our video management platform (VMP) is essentially another source of demand in the publisher’s seat, bringing direct-sold with programmatic under one roof. For publishers using features like advertiser frequency capping to avoid the same advertiser running within a specified period of time or within an ad pod, we can apply these business rules across direct-sold and programmatic demand.

Our ad server offers a multi-tiered waterfall to manage demand sources, and offers fast, server-side, parallel decisioning within each priority level. Direct sold line orders can be given priority over non-guaranteed demand based on their guaranteed nature. Or to help drive competition and increase yield, direct sold orders can be set to compete directly and transparently with non-programmatic demand.

These are some of the other unique features publishers will find within the ad server:

  • Truly live insights – real time reporting is essential when it comes to measuring performance and troubleshooting any issues, especially on valuable video inventory. Telaria is the only ad server able to provide truly real time reporting so publishers can see how demand is performing and make timely decisions.
  • Unprecedented creative controls – our creative review tools enable publishers to preview ads before they run, ensuring they are premium both from a content and creative standpoint. When a publisher uploads creative assets to the platform, we transcode it into four versions of varying resolutions for different screen sizes, based on the IAB’s best practice guidelines. A commonly overlooked video-first creative consideration is the volume of an ad so we’ve built in a volume normalization feature to help make publishers’ lives easier, ensuring a quality user experience.
  • “Campaign funnel” diagnostics – gone are the days when it would take precious hours poring over reports and second-guessing how to improve campaign delivery. With real-time statistics specific to guaranteed campaign delivery, publishers can see behind-the-scenes ad selection logic. They can see how many opportunities for a campaign was lost to factors like pacing, frequency capping and competition, and act upon this information to reduce conflict. Additionally, our proprietary ladling tool enables publishers to pull ad request level data to better understand exactly what is happening behind the scenes.

What you won’t find on our ad server? Features retooled from decades-old tech or repurposed from desktop display. We recognized that having video-centric features and tools on our platform was just one piece of the puzzle. With the launch of our ad server, we are confident our unified solution will empower more publishers to understand how their content is managed every step of the way so they can get closer to the true value of their inventory.

Of course, the innovation doesn’t stop here. To provide the most comprehensive tool set for publishers, we will continue to add and refine features within our ad server and VMP based on partner feedback and industry trends to accomplish our goal of helping premium publishers realize the true value of the inventory.

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