Telaria’s Proprietary Global CTV Research Highlights Rapid Worldwide Adoption of CTV


October 5, 2017

Telaria, Inc. (NYSE: TLRA), a leading video monetization software company, today released research examining global CTV usage, behavior patterns, and attitudes. Exploding consumer demand and more widely available premium video content are fueling a massive opportunity for global advertising in CTV. Telaria’s “TV in Transition” multi-country research study fielded surveys in Australia, Brazil, France, the UK, and the U.S. and analyzed the results in aggregate and by country.

Key findings

  • The definition of watching TV is evolving, with 60% of viewers equating “watching TV” with streaming
  • 35% of viewers (46% of millennials) said they prefer ads on streaming services to those on linear TV
  • CTV ads are effective at driving response; over 50% of weekly viewers of CTV take action after seeing an ad
  • 44% will watch CTV content recommended by the device

Global CTV Market Opportunity is Massive

“CTV is the most exciting video space at the moment, especially for those interested in high quality, premium video content,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of Telaria. “We believe there will be a shift from subscription based models as the medium scales to a more traditional ad supported model. Our research indicates a remarkable shift in viewers’ behavior and attitudes about advertising within the CTV environment that offers boundless opportunity for marketers. At Telaria, we’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of the convergence of these trends enabling our software to power the future of this massive advertising market.”

TV in Transition Worldwide

Video viewing behavior has changed, and soon all distinctions between traditional and digital TV will be erased. Audiences operate in a “video-first” mindset—where simply viewing TV content through a streaming device is considered “watching TV”.

“Our ‘TV in Transition’ research revealed that there are strong similarities in viewing behavior and attitudes across the countries in our study.  The takeaway is that consumers everywhere are ready for the next era of television viewing,” said Karen Ring, Senior Director, Research & Insights, Telaria. “CTV represents an opportunity to engage with audiences who are actively seeking out premium video content across the CTV spectrum.”

Key Global Highlights

  • BRAZIL: Brazil’s OTT market has strong indicators for significant growth. Though the internet-enabled population is small, its interest in VOD is exceptionally high.
  • UNITED KINGDOM:  OTT audience adoption is high, while advertising opportunities lag.  Content consumption is strong, mostly in SVOD, inching towards ad-supported models.
  • FRANCE: OTT penetration will depend on iGen and GenZ behavioral shifts, as video content becomes more popular. Paired with strong actions taken and ad receptivity in OTT, the advertising opportunity will slowly develop.
  • AUSTRALIA: Australia is the furthest along in having internet-capable screens in homes. Most streaming is still from Free-to-Air channels, and broadcasters are investing heavily in their CTV platforms to improve user and advertiser experiences.
  • UNITED STATES: The US is one of the leading markets in CTV adoption and ad spend.  As OTT services increase, the challenge will be breaking through the dominant SVOD reliance to increase awareness across nascent portals.

The full study, TV in Transition: Global CTV Snapshots, presents comprehensive analyses and trends, along with country by country breakdowns.

Download the infographic here.

For the full whitepaper, including data specific to Australia, Brazil, France and the UK, email us at

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